My White Scarves

Nearly all of the scarves worn by the Atlantian Provosts are unique. They are individually made by a friend or loved one for the original recipient. From time to time they may be passed from a long term Provost to a new one. Here are pictures of my current scarves.

My wife hand embroidered this one on linen. I use it for formal occasions:


Her Majesty Arielle gave me this scarf following my prize. It has her badge, a gazelle, and the badge of the Order:

From Arielle

After I expressed concern about damaging either of these special scarves, my wife made me a quick and easy scarf with embroidery machine sea horses and a sewn in blue stripe. I use this one when I'm fighting. It's easy to clean and easy to replace if needed. This particular scarf has been handed down to multiple recipients. I now wear a copy.

Machine embroidered

Kaleeb also recently made this shoulder scarf for me: