Note: Our base shirt has been discontinued by the vendor, so these are not currently available to order.

Many years ago, there was a gentleman who started making football jerseys for the White Scarves (and Bronze Rings, etc.) of the known world. Jean Claude and I thought they were cool and filed the concept away as "someday, when I'm a White Scarf, I'll get one of those."

Years pass.

JC and I become White Scarves. We remember the jersey concept and look back into it. The gentleman has moved onto other projects. So, I looked around and found a place that did custom jerseys with a minimum order of one. We ordered shirts, showed them off, and many others ordered them as well.

The discontinued Mk I Provost Jersey.

Years pass and the company discontinues our base shirt. So, I put together about 10 new designs including baseball, hockey, lacross, soccer, and football. The members of the Order voted and selected a new design. An initial order of 20 was made.


The initial order spread out across my living room.

The new shirts have stitched twill text and numbers rather than ironed on details.

Modeling the new shirts

How to get your own

Step 1: Become an Atlantian White Scarf.

Step 2: Look up your official Provost team number: here or count down the list here.

Step 3: Research and organize a new shirt design.