I decided to start a new blog to contain articles about some of  my modern interests including computers, photography, and video. A couple of articles that were on this site but not particularly SCA related were moved to the new site and a couple of new articles were written. Links to those old articles have been updated, so they are still available. The new site is LloydTech.org .

I will be teaching a class on Fiore's Armored Sword section at Atlantia's Winter University on February 13, 2021. The plays are almost entirely made with halfswording (where you hold your own blade with your off hand for leverage and precision). More information on the class, plus copies of the slides with pictures and videos are available here.

I've started an online book club to study Fiore's 1409 combat system and its application to SCA combat forms. We meet every other Sunday night at 7pm via Google Meet. I have set up slides with each of the plates from the Getty museum and the translated text by Colin Hatcher to make discussion easier and I use my tips for Spiffing Up your Online Classes to make it easy to switch between the slides, a wide angle webcam for discussion and limited physical demonstrations, a document camera for close ups on objects, and my computer desktop where I can pull up the Getty Museum's scans of the manual for closer examination.

For slides, a schedule of meetings, and links to the virtual meeting see

I will be teaching a class on Fiore's Sword in One Hand section. The class will be online at Atlantia's Kingdom University at 10am on Saturday September 12, 2020. The class will show each plate from that section of the manual and the English translation of the text. We'll discuss what is being shown and described and then watch a 5-ish second pre-recorded video of my interpretation of the play. I would very much prefer to be doing this interactively in person, but hope this approach will simulate an in-person class as well as can be done virtually.

I am also doing a practice run of the class to try out the sharing platform and to get feedback on his draft slides and videos. That practice will be Tir-y-Don's A&S class for the week on August 27 at 7pm. The draft slides for the class can be downloaded from these links:

Due to Covid-19, Atlantia's June University event is taking place online on June 13, 2020. You can see all the classes and sign up (on or before June 5) at http://university.atlantia.sca.org The slides for the two classes that I am teaching are linked below.

Websites and Photographs - My wife (Mistress Kaleeb) and I updated and combined a previous two class track into one class that discusses why you want a website for your A&S work in the SCA, what to put on it, how to take effective pictures of your work, and how to set up a WordPress site to present your work.

Class Slides: http://baronllwyd.org/images/PDFs/Websites-and-Photographs.pdf

The photo "light tent" we showed: Amazon Link (affiliate link) There are lots of different sizes and kit variations available on Amazon.

European Historic Martial Arts in the SCA - This class introduces the A&S discipline of Historic Martial Arts (HMA) within the SCA. It discusses many of the surviving period resources and how HMA practitioners study, interpret, apply, and adapt the techniques for use on the SCA combat fields.

Class Slides: http://baronllwyd.org/images/PDFs/HMA_in_the_SCA.pdf

Atlantian Wiki - I also recently taught a class for our weekly Baronial A&S meetings on the Atlantian Wiki. I am not teaching this at the Kingdom level this time, but thought I'd still link the slides in case other people are interested. The class covers what a Wiki is, what kinds of things are on the Atlantian Wiki, how to set up a new personal page or edit an existing page.

Class Slides: http://baronllwyd.org/images/PDFs/SCA-Wiki.pdf