I taught a class on Italian Longsword for SCA Combat at Holiday Faire recently. This was a collection of fun plays from various sections of Fiore's manual that can be used on many of the SCA combat fields. Documentation for the class with each plate, translation, and videos for most plays is available:

Learning Fiore's Peasant's Blow/Strike

I will be teaching a lot over the next few months:

The Fiore Virtual Book Club is finishing up its first pass through the manual in the next few weeks with Spear and Poleaxe on April 25 and Mounted Combat on May 16.

The Technical Symposium for the Digital SCA was May 1 and 2. The event schedule is available here. I taught two classes which were recorded and posted to YouTube. Click on the class title to download the corresponding slides or follow the link to the recording.

Atlantia's Summer University is June 12. The full schedule and sign up information will be available at that link. I will be teaching two classes:

I decided to start a new blog to contain articles about some of  my modern interests including computers, photography, and video. A couple of articles that were on this site but not particularly SCA related were moved to the new site and a couple of new articles were written. Links to those old articles have been updated, so they are still available. The new site is LloydTech.org .

I will be teaching a class on Fiore's Armored Sword section at Atlantia's Winter University on February 13, 2021. The plays are almost entirely made with halfswording (where you hold your own blade with your off hand for leverage and precision). More information on the class, plus copies of the slides with pictures and videos are available here.