I just posted a new video describing a sword combat visualization technique called “the wall”. It is intended to help a fencer build a mental model of how swords can move in three-dimensional space and how to move their sword and body to be safe and to put your opponent at risk. It can be used to understand how a system works and why some plays work the way that they do. And it can be used to prune your decision tree during a full speed fight. But, the wall is a tool not a system. In particular, the wall only implicitly addresses tempo and measure. For a longer prose and photo discussion of the wall see my article at .

This video has a whole lot of NEW in it. It’s a new topic, uses 90% new hardware, 100% new software, has composited special effects, and adds a couple of YouTube features for the first time. A list of all of the gear used for this video is available at .

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