Llwyd displaying at 2018 Atlantian Kingdom A&S Festival

My 2018 Kingdom A&S Festival Fiore Display

My Fiore display at the 2024 Atlantian Kingdom Arts & Sciences Festival

My 2024 Kingdom A&S Festival Fiore Display, Video Link

Starting with a class I took at Pennsic in 2010, I have had an interest in studying the 1409 combat system of Fiore dei Liberi. I study it both as a historic martial art and to apply his techniques to SCA combat forms. I founded the Tir-y-Don Fiore Study Group and frequently study and teach Fiore techniques at practices around the Kingdom, at Atlantian Universities, at Pennsic, and via a YouTube channel. In October 2020 I started a virtual Fiore Book Club with biweekly meetings. I have been recognized with the Order of the Pearl for my HMA work and served as the Atlantian Deputy Kingdom A&S Minister for Historic Martial Arts from 2018-2020.

As part of those studies I have created a series of flash card sets and drills that use the flash cards to learn the system:

Fiore's Hybrid Cross Position (Posta de Croce Bastarda) from the Armored Sword section


Documentation and class handouts:

Fiore Virtual Book Club slide sets

The Tir-y-Don Fiore study group has its own website and YouTube video channel where we demonstrate plays from the manual and methods for studying, learning, and applying them.

Class lists: