Are you a new fencer trying to get up to speed on how things work? Are you a transplanted fencer who is new to Atlantia? Are you a non-fencer confused by all the talk of Scholars, Provosts, and Sea Dragons? Well, my new article was written for all of you! I try to explain the culture and institutions of rapier in Atlantia including our awards and our guild scarfing system. Depending on feedback I may also do a University class version of the article. Please let me know what you think. Now, onto the article!

Over on the articles page, I've done a little reorganization and added two new opinion articles where I pontificate about the SCA:

My C&T gear evaluation page was removed from the main menu and is now linked from the articles page.

I'm looking forward to teaching and attending classes at University next weekend. It should be a great time. If you took one of my classes there, here are links to more information (videos, handouts, etc.)

I shoot lots of pictures at lots of events. These generally get posted to Facebook for tagging and sharing. But Facebook is awful for sorting albums and finding something posted years ago. I just created a page on this site that has sorted lists of all of my SCA albums with links to Facebook or Google Photos. That page is here.