I'm looking forward to teaching and attending classes at University next weekend. It should be a great time. If you took one of my classes there, here are links to more information (videos, handouts, etc.)

I shoot lots of pictures at lots of events. These generally get posted to Facebook for tagging and sharing. But Facebook is awful for sorting albums and finding something posted years ago. I just created a page on this site that has sorted lists of all of my SCA albums with links to Facebook or Google Photos. That page is here.

I just posted a non-SCA focused article on my research and experience with scanning old family 35mm slides and negatives. 

I was honored to be recognized as a Master of Defense (the SCA peerage for excellence in Rapier and/or Cut and Thrust combat) at Pennsic 47 (August 2018). The regalia of the order is the while collar I'm wearing in the picture below. Also pictured is His Majesty Dietrich and my family.

I've been doing a lot of Historic Martial Arts work recently.

In January, I became the new Deputy Kingdom A&S Minister for HMA for Atlantia. As part of that job I organized HMA demonstrations at March's Kingdom A&S Festival. I also had my own display table at KASF showing off our group's Fiore work.

Llwyd at 2018 KASF













In April, I fought in the King's Kingdom Cut & Thrust Championship and reached the finals. I used a fair bit of Fiore in my fights. These pictures show me (on the left) transitioning from Posta Breve La Serpentina/Short Serpent Position to Posta Di Serpentino Soprano/High Serpent Position:

Short Serpent    High Serpent















In other words, I've grabbed my own sword (half swording) and stepped up so that my sword was a wall between his sword and my body. Then I placed the point of my sword on his throat.

There have been two Kingdom C&T championships in Atlantia; I have reached the finals in both.

Finally, I broke out my new Christmas video gear and shot two talking videos for the LearnFiore YouTube channel about new Fiore source material books and about ways to drill and practice Fiore technique including using the flash cards that I created. I also wrote a text version of the ways to drill and practice topic.